Walk on the Wild Side in Oakland


Earth is truly an incredible planet. It has the perfect surplus of water and nutrients in its soil and aligned itself just right with the sun to produce some of the most remarkable life, from the tiniest microscopic bacteria that linger at the bottom of the ocean to humanity and every animal in between. It’s important to respect and appreciate the balance we have with nature, and here at Alexan Webster you get the perfect opportunity to do so from our luxury apartments.

The Oakland Zoo is one of California’s largest animal enclosures and conservation facilities, and it’s highly rated for its fantastic care of both the customers and animals within its hundred-acre expanse. It’s located only nine miles away from our luxury apartments, meaning that you can grab your family and drive from Interstate 580 E in just under fifteen minutes. As of today, the zoo features over 750 native and exotic animals, ranging from favorites from the African Savanna such as the towering elephants, proud lions, and long-necked giraffes; to local residents like the bald eagle, American black bears, and gray wolves. There are also exhibits for unconventional animal fans as well, like slithery snakes, creepy crawlies like insects and arthropods, and a wide rainbow spectrum of birds. Special events, education and conservation charities, and other great activities cycle through every year, especially now at the peak of summer, so there’s always something new to explore and learn with every visit.

Learn to love our planet a little better here at Alexan Webster. Explore the Oakland Zoo and our luxury apartments for an unforgettable summer adventure.

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