Sushi and a Show in Oakland


It’s hard to find someone these days that doesn’t enjoy a good dinner and a show. It could be something as simple as making a meal at home for yourself and then watching a show you’ve streamed from the Internet, or as romantic as a date at a local sushi restaurant followed by a trip to the theater or stage. Today, your options are unlimited when it comes to dining and entertainment, and our luxury apartments at Alexan Webster are no exception to this rule.

Yoshi’s Restaurant is a unique place to eat: not only do they serve high-quality sushi and Japanese fusion cuisine, but they’re also one of the few sushi bars that also features live musical performances virtually every day, giving a lively twist to your dining experience. It’s located only a mile and a half from our luxury apartments, so you can drive to your reserved table in under fifteen minutes. The doors open for dinner every evening after 5pm, two or three hours before the show, so you can enjoy fine cuisine beforehand or even during the show. Start out your supper adventure with a succulent appetizer, such as their Kobe beef skewers, their beet and mizuna salad, or the duck confit spring rolls; and then move onto the main course with sixteen delightful sushi rolls and nine nigiri servings, a basket of veggie or shrimp tempura, or their organic honey sesame chicken. Afterwards, enjoy live jazz, rock & roll, and even comedy skits for a fun conclusion to your evening.

Bring some life into your dining here at Alexan Webster. Explore our Oakland luxury apartments and reserve a seat at Yoshi’s for delicious sushi and a delightful evening.

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