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"We moved in 11/7/22. Marleen and Kayla were warm and welcoming, Tim and James in Maintenance very responsive, place is kept impeccably clean, and friendly neighbors. We love it here…"
"I enjoy living here, but there are some things that frustrate me. For the amount we pay to live here, having fire alarms constantly going off and hot water issues that last days feels ridiculous. Why cant we add key fob access to the interior door to the package room as well? I appreciate the recent upgrades but I'd rather have 24hr secure package access and hot water than a nice coffee bar in the lobby."
"The management team is not responsive, maintenance requests go on for months, i still have to make maintenance requests by email because i was never given access to the maintenance request portal. The people who work here are very nice but do not respond to requests or execute on anything; I think they’re focused on getting leases signed rather than the residents who already live here. I’ve spoken with them about this several times and nothing has changed. I don’t want to move because I was planning on staying here for years, but it’s so bad that I probably will. This building is too expensive to have such ineffective management."
"I’ve only been here for about a week so far I like it. The staff are very friendly. I am grateful for all of them, but Marlene was especially helpful during the application process. In addition, Khayla helped me with the move-in process, which I appreciate. The community is very quiet haven’t seen my neighbors yet. It’s been nice in my apartment nothing disturbing. I like the view from my window. So far so good :)"
"Excellent staff. Always professional and kind. Since we arrived here they have been always attentive and prompt and they do it all with a smile."
"It is a good community. Surrounding area are also good. Management is responsive and organizes community events. Look and feel of the apartments are also good."
"I have lived at Alexan Webster for 2.5 years and have enjoyed my experience here. The facilities are clean, the amenities are well kept, and the staff is friendly."
"Alexan Webster is a great apartment complex! So many great amenities such as the pool, gym, work areas, etc. The staff is always around to answer questions or help you with anything!"
"Love it. They upgraded and changed the chair in the roof top. I also love how assessable the staff are which make it’s easier for the resident to reach out."
"I thoroughly enjoy living in this building! Everything is high quality and state-of-the-art, from the gym to the lounges and conference room space. I also feel very safe and comfortable!"
"great, but needs improvements. I already filled out the survey they sent great, but needs improvements. I already filled out the survey they sent"
"Recently the quality went down. There are frequent dog poos on the 5th floor. Sometimes the elevators have unknown liquid and there have been recent burglaries in the bike room. :-("
"I really like the building but it has been really hard dealing with all of the false fire alarms and when the water went out for a few days. I felt that wasn't dealt with very well."
"Things have gotten worse since we first moved in here... front desk staff no longer reply to my emails. They've given up on pretending to have events or foster a community, which while understandable is super misleading because they promised when I first signed my lease that money would be earmarked for such. They don't even introduce the new building staff anymore. Non-smoking isn't enforced, there is tons of nauseous cigarette smell in multiple parts of my hallway. I keep finding dog poop in my hallway, too. There are repeated problems with theft, and the response to the bike thefts is to lock us out of the mailroom except for hours when leasing is open, and sometimes leasing is randomly closed at lunch. Rent is too high for what we get - why is my rent increasing when average prices in the area have dropped?"
"I love living at Alexan Webster! It's super clean, and communication is always speedy. I also really like the neighborhood and how close I am to everything."
"I enjoy living here and the proximity to so many great things in the neighborhood. I just wish the parking situation was a bit more organized."
"The complex itself is nice but my neighbors are super loud and seem to always have “personal” problems which can clearly be heard across the hallway"
"I enjoy living here and using all of the amenities now that it’s summer! I love the view from our rooftop and just chilling at the pool or clubhouse!"
"It has been a wonderful experience living 2330 Webster! Management and my fellow tenants live in absolute harmony! Furthermore, some is always available to help, seven days a week."
"I have only been here a short time, but so far I think there are great amenities, great staff, relatively quiet, and kept clean. When I have had a need they have been responsive."
"I love living here. I have been here for almost a year and a half and it has been great. The staff is unbelievable and that is one of the reasons I continue to love this place."
"Great staff, amenities, and community! The leasing staff have great communication skills and are easily reached. I'm so happy to be at Alexan Webster."
"Great location Wonderful staff I love all the amenities I appreciate the outstanding service and attention to cleanliness provided to the tenants"
"Enjoyed our time living at Alexan Webster. Fantastic neighborhood and great amenities. Staff is helpful and polite outside of the water fiasco of 2022."
"The community has been great. We are moving soon due to a major increase in rent but we would have loved to continue living here. The front desk staff has been great for the last 2.5 years."
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