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"This apartment is very nice and I like that location. The food options near us are great. The staff here is always incredibly helpful and friendly."
"With new building on Harrison going up our view is obliterated but 1500 more people in neighborhood will be good. Floors in galls getting trashy and carpet cleaning has not happened for the years I am here I think. People are nice though there is no sense if community, people move in move out. Perhaps now more out as the pandemic people are moving on. I love all the young families here and think some playstructure amenity would be nice for them. Still wish there was 24/7 “concierge” at front desk. Love my balcony ( until they put the windows in on Harrison building. Professional maintenance person is required and I hope a replacement for Tim is hired soon, or your building will go down the tubes."
"I love how responsive the concierge is and how it is always clean and neat around facilities. Maintenance comes almost the same day too! Everyone is friendly."
"We really enjoy it here. The spaces is lovely and people seems nice.we have a small outdoor space and can have have plants and feed the birds while still being in the middle of Oakland."
"I enjoy the amenities that are provided. For the most part it is a quiet complex and it’s always kept clean. I like the fact that they have a section for my dog’s necessity."
"Easy move-in and tour. Communicative staff. Great building, even better location. Awesome amenities, everything works in apartment unit when move in. Super easy move in with loading dock and reserved elevator"
"The new leasing staff NEVER replies to my emails. This is my main reason for lowering the score. The building itself has some nice amenities, but the theft on the ground floor shows bad design. I've had multiple packages stolen in recent months."
"Love the space and amenities but I wish the hallway could be kept a little cleaner. Other than that everything is good. I also like how friendly the staff is."
"So far the apartment seems to be what I expected. The only reason why I put 4 stars is because on the rooftop, there is supposed to be a TV but it has been removed for some reason. I was looking forward to that amenity."
"I felt like it'd be a huge relief to live here, and in many ways it was, though I would not recommend living here to others. My 1st weekend here I got a noise complaint for playing music 15 minutes into quiet hours (which aren't on these lease). I asked what the quiet hours were and was snarkily told that "it's common knowledge that for buildings like these the quiet hours are from 10pm-10am." Next complaint came after getting a new dog, I left for approximate 30 minutes and returned to an email about new quiet hours and another email highlighting a section of my lease saying I'm responsible for any noise, including that made by new ESA , with the potential penalty of eviction, so I was to afraid of eviction train him out of it. I do not trust new management as a 15% rent increase from a property management company that makes mental health awareness month posts is infuriating, residents have shared feelings of insecurity as profit over retention feels like a priority for this building."
"It's been okay! Apartment space is nice. Good area. Decent amenities. Lots of fire alarms. Packages been stolen. Don't feel super plugged into the community."
"Love the amenities that the property offers. It’s clean and the staff is nice and always helpful with the issues that have arised. The maintenance staff is also great."
"I have lived here 2 years and this complex is very nice, safe and has great staff. In my time here this place has been peaceful and has great places to relax at. Definitely recommend if your looking for a good apartment."
"Very happy since I moved in. The apartments are new, the kitchen is great and it is convenient to have in-unit laundry. I am also fun of the various amenities such as the grills on the rooftop, the fitness, and the business center. So far the staff was helpful with any issues we had."
"The good, I do generally feel safe living here. The bad, package room continues to be robbed, and yet I still don't have access to it with my key fob. my neighbors continue to smoke pot smell and I have no ability to stop it from coming into our apartment. Fire alarms continue to plague us and our pets. There is little or no warning and even then no one in this building trusts the fire alarm anymore. what's the point if everyone is going to stay inside when the real fire comes. I think leasing management could benefit from living in the community like previous management did. They would be able to sympathize better"
"Apartments and amenities are great. Leasing office has had a lot of change over. Overall great apartments in an awesome location of downtown Oakland."
"Would like more community building events, maybe floor by floor. I am not happy with the lack of entry security and lack of access to mailroo"
"We moved in 11/7/22. Marleen and Kayla were warm and welcoming, Tim and James in Maintenance very responsive, place is kept impeccably clean, and friendly neighbors. We love it here…"
"I enjoy living here, but there are some things that frustrate me. For the amount we pay to live here, having fire alarms constantly going off and hot water issues that last days feels ridiculous. Why cant we add key fob access to the interior door to the package room as well? I appreciate the recent upgrades but I'd rather have 24hr secure package access and hot water than a nice coffee bar in the lobby."
"The management team is not responsive, maintenance requests go on for months, i still have to make maintenance requests by email because i was never given access to the maintenance request portal. The people who work here are very nice but do not respond to requests or execute on anything; I think they’re focused on getting leases signed rather than the residents who already live here. I’ve spoken with them about this several times and nothing has changed. I don’t want to move because I was planning on staying here for years, but it’s so bad that I probably will. This building is too expensive to have such ineffective management."
"I’ve only been here for about a week so far I like it. The staff are very friendly. I am grateful for all of them, but Marlene was especially helpful during the application process. In addition, Khayla helped me with the move-in process, which I appreciate. The community is very quiet haven’t seen my neighbors yet. It’s been nice in my apartment nothing disturbing. I like the view from my window. So far so good :)"
"Excellent staff. Always professional and kind. Since we arrived here they have been always attentive and prompt and they do it all with a smile."
"It is a good community. Surrounding area are also good. Management is responsive and organizes community events. Look and feel of the apartments are also good."
"I have lived at Alexan Webster for 2.5 years and have enjoyed my experience here. The facilities are clean, the amenities are well kept, and the staff is friendly."
"Alexan Webster is a great apartment complex! So many great amenities such as the pool, gym, work areas, etc. The staff is always around to answer questions or help you with anything!"
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