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"Love the amenities (especially the dog wash since we have a medium sized dog who loooves to play and get muddy). Staff are very friendly - we often bump into Fred and it is always such a good time chatting with him. Also like the way that the elevators work so our apartment feels secure knowing that non-residents cannot enter the building. Definitely would be great if the gated residential parking area could accommodate all the residents who need a spot though!"
"Like the amenities (even if most are closed) and spaciousness of the rooms. Also, the staff is quick to respond. However, noise is a huge issue during lockdown when trying to WFH"
"Everyone is very helpful and patient since I know I have a lot of questions :) the place as a whole is amazing, new, modern, with every convenience you could think of to ask for. The security in the building is also above and beyond. Overall great experience so far!"
"I just moved here and they have been nothing, but amazing. On move-in day everyone was so helpful and I got right into my apartment. The staff makes this place wonderful and the apartments and amenities are great too."
"Can't wait until everything is open, but the team has done a great job setting up systems for what can be open. Rafael helped me eventually track down a lost package also."
"Really appreciated the warm welcome from the leasing team as well as the prompt responses to my questions and coordination on logistics on my move in day!"
"Good location, convenient Amazon lockers and printing service, nice adjacent parking lot. Plan to renew here. The apartments are also very nice."
"Still very happy with my experience. Staff are very friendly. Looking forward to trying/using the amenities as they become available for resident use."
"The surroundings aren't good for work from home. Noise from construction, from AU, from the garage, from neighbors. There has been nothing to compensate for the amenities we're paying for but can't access due to COVID."
"Beautiful apartment in a great location. Love the apartment layout and finishes. Wish there were more lighting fixtures in the apartment. Love the huge windows."
"Despite not being able to take advantage of the beautiful amenities, it is a pleasure living at Alexan Webster. But I appreciate the staff making the health and welfare of the community a top priority."
"Great place to live. Good neighbor. Very friendly building managers who always take care of requests quickly. Safety and security is taken very seriously here. There are always security folks on guard when something seems to be going on."
"Love my apartment! The appliances are attractive and functional. The soundproofing and ventilation is excellent. The management is friendly, helpful, and communicative. And I'm psyched for post-COVID times when I can socialize more with other residents and use more amenities! (For now, though, it's wonderful being able to use a few cardio machines outside.)"
"I appreciate the fact that management is running a tight ship during unprecedented times. Can’t imagine what it was like dealing with influx of holiday packages and hope everyone stayed safe and sane over the holiday."
"Good in general with the responsiveness and cleaniness and convenience. wish there are compensation in other forms for not being able to use amenities."
"Great management and maintenance team. Professionally run and meticulously clean. Highly recommend living here. Pity about the pool and hot tub being shut due to COVID-19. Understandable."
"Beautiful apartment in a great location near Lake Merritt! The finishes are nice and spacious layout. Neighbors and Staff are friendly. Its goodOverall"
"It’s been nice to live in Alexan for the past one year. The location has been great. During Covid, I know the community team has done a great job to ensure the place is clean."
"Staff have been great living here even during the pandemic. The amenities are great when opened, location is great, and the community is good."
"I've lived here since March. It's been a great experience so far and I would recommend it to anyone in the area. I hate that our amenities are closed but hopefully, they will re-open soon!"
"Everything about the unit is great. But it does suck that the amenities aren’t as accessible because of covid. I do believe we should have a rent decrease because of it, to compensate for the amenities that we are still paying for but can’t use."
"Overall, I like the building. Our Units are virtually sound proof which is amazing. I have run into some odd instances, like not having a complete rack set for my oven or not getting replacement refrigerator filters for the water spout - but these seem minor in the grand scheme of all the other perks"
"We moved here just prior to everything shutting down but everyone we’ve met or worked with has been great and super helpful. The amenities that we’ve been able to enjoy have been fantastic and we look forward to things returning to normal so we can fully enjoy everything."
"The residence experience here has been quite a ride! We moved in right during the beginning of the pandemic which caused a multitude of issues and problems to arise; however, our living situation was not one of those. The Alexan Webster members/employees immediately took action into making sure our community felt comfortable and was safe throughout the entire 2020 spring/summer to come. On top of all this, the units are unreal and so modern/update that it made shelter in place seem less of a burden. Eventually various parts of the apartment complex opened more allowing for us to use its amazing amenities. I only wish we could of had the opportunity gather and meet more of the other individuals and families living here."
"Professional and friendly staff, attentive to the property and the needs of the community. Because of COVID we have not been able to use the facilities or interact with neighbors but we are looking forward to doing so in the not so distant future."
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