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"I enjoy living here and using all of the amenities now that it’s summer! I love the view from our rooftop and just chilling at the pool or clubhouse!"
"It has been a wonderful experience living 2330 Webster! Management and my fellow tenants live in absolute harmony! Furthermore, some is always available to help, seven days a week."
"I have only been here a short time, but so far I think there are great amenities, great staff, relatively quiet, and kept clean. When I have had a need they have been responsive."
"I love living here. I have been here for almost a year and a half and it has been great. The staff is unbelievable and that is one of the reasons I continue to love this place."
"Great staff, amenities, and community! The leasing staff have great communication skills and are easily reached. I'm so happy to be at Alexan Webster."
"Great location Wonderful staff I love all the amenities I appreciate the outstanding service and attention to cleanliness provided to the tenants"
"Enjoyed our time living at Alexan Webster. Fantastic neighborhood and great amenities. Staff is helpful and polite outside of the water fiasco of 2022."
"The community has been great. We are moving soon due to a major increase in rent but we would have loved to continue living here. The front desk staff has been great for the last 2.5 years."
"Living here has been great! The amenities are amazing, the staff is friendly, and the building is in a great location surrounded by restaurants, bars, and grocery stores all within walking distance!"
"Other than the water outage that lasted for 47 hours, things are good. The management has done well to compensate for that period. The amenities are definitely a plus."
"Overall this has been a great place to live. The staff are incredibly helpful and friendly, and it's a great location. There's the occasional snafu where e.g. the doors to the pool/deck area are locked at the wrong time, and there have been a few break-ins to the mail/bike room, but in general we've had very few problems here."
"The Alexan Webster is a great place to live. People are friendly and the office staff are great to work with. I have had to call maintenance for help on 2 occasions and they fixed the issues within 24 hours!"
"Enjoy the area and amenities as well as all of my neighbors. Oakland is a hidden gem especially the lake Merritt area. Will def renew my lease."
"Excellent location, neighbors, staff. I am VERY happy with my new home decision. Unit is very spacious, great cabinet and storage space, modern floors, stainless appliances, wonderful closets in my Master Bedroom and nice deep bathtub to soak in."
"Love the space. Everything are pretty much clean. I wish the pool lights could be on but other than that it’s good on my side. I also love that they sometime host small gathering which really help to know your neighborhood."
"I have enjoyed living at Alexan Webster for the last two years. Great location, nice amenities. Facilities are kept clean and the staff is very responsive."
"The building is quiet and clean. The only downfall is that the recycle chute seems to be down often. Nothing to do with the building but it would be nice for the parking facility to be a bit cheaper. Other than that I like it here"
"Good location, good apartments and good staff. Only downside is my upstairs neighbour is very loud and the sound proofing isn't the greatest."
"Love the building, amenities and the city but it so unsafe to walk around even the building. Too bad Oakland is not the safest, just keep an eye open when you walk outside. Thank god for the doh oark on the sky deck."
"Good staff and nice amenities. However, the recent locking of stairwells for security has caused major delays, elevator crowding, slower access to garage & gym, etc. Also, there are some problems with other residents & no enforcement, e.g. dog feces and noise."
"Lots of alarms in the middle of the night, stairwells have been made exit only, rooftop grill out of service for extended period…these are all items I’d consider standard at our price point."
"The Leasing office is what makes this place! So nice and attentive, even if things are wrong or take a while to get corrected, they keep you informed and are so nice and understanding about it!"
"The community has been good overall. As of lately, there has been an uptick in crime which definitely causes some worry about safety. The amenities are great, but the gym seems to rarely get cleaned. Overall a nice place to stay in the downtown area."
"Apartment has a great crew that takes care of the building, as well as being very professional. Also at the best location in Oakland in terms of overall access to locations"
"Friendly and professional management. Clean apartment.. The location being downtown makes it also desirable. The Gym, the swimming pool, the Lounge and reading room are all well situated Love ❤️ it"
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